Experience Japan - Guide To Hakone Yuryo Private Open Air Onsen

An alternative way to plan your itinerary in Tokyo is by having one day trip to Hakone and enjoy its famous hot spring if you have tired of shopping trip in Tokyo. It only takes an hour Shinkansen ride from Tokyo Station to Hakone-Yumoto Station.
You often find Hakone's hotels built with hot springs. However, if you are looking for a short and relaxing trip, you can find their hot spring spa resort. If you are not used to getting yourself naked in public hot spring, you can opt for private hot spring. Some of the private hot spring rooms are open air too!

Ideally, you can have your own private bath room overlooking the nature beauty. Sounds nice, isn't it? One of my recommended hotspring resort will be Hakone Yuryo (箱根汤寮). It provides free access to bus station and it's easy to find at Hakone. Furthermore, you can make your reservation online. However, their website with more complete contents are in Japanese. I will make necessary explanation here to guide you through the reservation.

This is their English website - http://www.hakoneyuryo.jp/english/ 
(You will find nothing informative in here)

You need to switch to Japanese site.
After that you click on the left side, then you will find private hotspring bath rooms to choose from.
If you aren't sure about how to write Japanese. You can take a snapshot of the room you want and send your reservation request to hakoneyuryo@odakyu-hotel.co.jp. It's advisable to make your reservation 1 month before your departure.

Their price are listed on the website as well, all are based on hourly rate

For transportation access
You can get more information about free shuttle to the resort at their website.

After their staff confirmed the reservation, you can look forward your trip to Japan and enjoy a relaxing and rejuvenating day at Hakone Yuryo Hot Spring Resort!

We did it last time and it was high recommended for first time experiencing hot spring. We enjoyed the privacy and spacious private room given. Hope you enjoy it too.

*For transport arrangement, you can visit Hyperdia website and search for "Hakone-Yumoto" station. We used it to travel everywhere in Japan!

Ayana Romantic Dining - Pesta Lobster

Besides having the most notable sunset spots in Bali, Ayana's Pesta Lobster is one also of the most famous private dining places in the world. Ayana offers you one of the most uniquely romantic dining experiences - Pesta Lobster at their private jetty.
That evening, I was surprised to know that mr. 許 was taking me to the Pesta Lobster! He had secretly made a reservation with Ayana two months before our vacation to Bali.

In order to access to the Private Jetty, we need to walk from Ayana's Rock Bar. Once we arrived at the waiting bay at Rock Bar's elevator, we were given the priority access. *skip the queue* We were then assisted by our personal butler to the private jetty. 
Some pictures taken at Rock Bar before leaving for private dining. 
We were greeted with frangipani leis over our neck. Photo credited to Mr. Butler.
mr. with the canadian lobster he picked at Kisik Bar!
We were served special tropical fruit juice as welcome drinks.
Our menu includes 5-course lobster dinner which tantalized our taste buds!
Kisik Seafood Platter Tuna Sashimi, Prawn, Oyster and Mussel Served on Crushed Ice with Assorted Sauces Fresh Lemon, Lime and Tabasco
Lobster Consommé Royale
Main course - A Duo of Lobster Combination of Steamed Rainbow Lobster and Lobster Baked “En Croute” Light Cream-Caviar Sauce and Veal Stock Reduction Served with Roasted Potato or Jasmine Rice Pilaf
The Pesta Lobster Dinner on the pier is definitely Ayana's signature romantic experience! Thank you Ayana Resort and Spa for this exclusive romantic dining experience in Bali.

Ayana's Bar On The Rocks - Top Beautiful Places To Visit In Bali

Ayana Rock Bar Sunset
There are many fun and attractive activities that shouldn't be missed in Ayana. The Rock Bar is definitely in our Bali trip bucket list!
To reach Rock Bar, you need to take Ayana's Rock Bar elevator ride to go down from the top of the cliff. The elevator can fit up to 6 persons at one time only. Check out my video for the fantastic view!
An incredibly gorgeous place to catch sunset in Bali!
You can overlook the Ayana's Private Jetty and the Indian Ocean. The private jetty is exclusively for the Pesta Lobster romantic dining. Don't forget, an early reservation has to be done for this.
The Rock Bar has been listed as one of the top 10 places to visit in Bali. 

Ayana is one of the famous hotels to stay while you are in Bali. Ayana is located at Jimbaran Bay of South Kuta, Bali, Indonesia. One of my favorite places in Ayana is The Rock Bar. The Rock Bar is the bar on the rocks which extended near to Pacific Ocean. This stunning open-top bar is definitely your best sunset and after-dark destination. It  creates a unique experience for us to listen to the live musicians play and look down and look down onto the ocean below you! 

You can always enjoy the warmth service by Ayana's staffs. They always welcome you with their pretty smile. Besides Rock Bar, you can go for the once in a life time private dining experience with your loved one at Ayana's Private Jetty.  It had been listed as top 10 dining experience in the world! Ayana's Rock Bar at Jimbaran is definitely one of the places you must visit when travel in Bali.
Ayana Rock Bar Elevator
The place usually packed with crowds start from 4:00 pm. You have to queue up if you are not the Ayana's in-house guests as priority is given to in-house guests first. So, come early if you don't fancy queuing!
You can enjoy a glass of cocktail and gaze over the sunset as the fiery red orb of light slowly sank beneath horizon of ocean.
We ordered Potato Wedges, Curly Fries and Pita Chips (With Hummus, Curry Mayonnaise and Ketchup) and Chicken Pop Corn (Herbed Olive Oil and Spiced Dukkah) with a glass of Rockito. Look tasty aren't they?
I took few paparazzi pictures for mr.許.
 A relaxing place with snacks and liquor
Finger-licking-good snacks at Rock Bar Bali.
Ayana Rock Bar
You can overlook the Ayana's Private Jetty and the Indian Ocean. The uniqueness of Ayana's Rock Bar definitely gives you the satisfaction that you won't forget.
Ayana Rock Bar
 At Rock Bar, the sun goes down well with Rockito.
Goong Sarong
Rock Bar's snacks were so palatable with great presentation to let each food stand out. We can't help ourselves with another bite, so we ordered Goong Sarong (Prawns Spring Roll).

It definitely was a cool and unforgettable experience. I highly recommend you to add Ayana's Rock Bar on your bucket list when you visit Bali. Thank you Ayana's Resort and Spa for such a wonderful memories!